Wednesday, September 22, 2004

O Yeah...O No!...O Yeah..Eh..O Yeah!

Jeee-zus, what a crazy 'one-strike away from a win/blown lead/ then get the winning run on second with no one out/then almost lose/but still win' game that was. And an actual victory over the O-bags at that. I listened on the radio, but saw the highlights many times on NECN and CN8. Why do I get the feeling that yankee fans will call Comcast saying, "Uh, there seems to be a problem, my tv keeps calling the yankees the 'evil empire,' please fix it." And Comcast will immediately take those stations off the air. Meanwhile, the truth is, there's like 50 NY stations, and I can't even get the Red Sox games at all. Anyway, the celebration on the field was great. I'll be up there tomorrow night, behind a pole, but close to the plate. Thanks, FOX Sports Net! Can't wait to start writing for you in the fall! I'm completely kidding. I hope you know that.

So about Kay's (contrived) disbelief of Francona's dugout interview: Turns out I was right that he was just stirring up shit. Because on his radio show yesterday, after his little monologue, he says, "Coming up next I'll tell you something on Saturday that I think is the difference between the yankees and the Red Sox." And I thought, Gee, I wonder if this is about Francona's dugout interview. It was. And he again got all up-in-audio-arms about it, saying how "unbelievable" it was, and how Steinbrenner just wouldn't allow it. His co-host said bascially what I said, that he was asked to do it, so he did, so what? Then he took his first call, and the caller promptly changed the subject. Kay wanted to make this a big deal, but no one cared except him. Type "Francona dugout interview" into Google, and the incident doesn't even come up. But he has succeeded in the nation just assuming that Sheffield is the MVP. Even on NECN tonight, it said at the bottom of the screen, "Sheffield front-runner for MVP." Just hand it to him now. The media did it's influencing, and there's no looking back now. It's in everyone's heads. By the way, to the person who commented on this, I'm sorry I (kind of) acted like you got your opinion on Yes. I just meant that I'd heard the Shef argument before. But as you say, you feel Vlad deserves it, and I wouldn't be offended by that. So...

It's funny, when I watch the Sox-yanks games, I start off thinking, "Eh, Kay isn't that bad, he's just a yankee fan, at least he respects the rivalry and everything." And a few innings in to the game, I'm screaming at him at the top of my lungs, telling him how I'd prefer it if he were not alive any more. Especially when he starts with his "the great Pedro" crap, just mocking us repeatedly. He's convinced that the yanks own Pedro, even though he admits it's our bullpen that's blown most of the games he's pitched against them. And he thinks Pedro isn't great any more, strictly because he doesn't throw as hard as he used to.

And then on the radio he got all over John Kerry today for not knowing a lot about the Sox despite Kerry saying that he's a die-hard fan. Kay's point is that if Kerry "lies" about that, how could we trust him on Iraq, and other important issues? So a guy called in and said how Bush sent us into war based on a lie, and his administration is telling bigger lies than just some sports thing. And Kay replied, "Didn't John Kerry vote to go to war? Bush took us into war on evidence that turned out to be false, so that's not a lie." Then I turned to CBS News and the top story was, "Bush defends his choice to go to war to U.N." Terrible job, Kay.

One more 'Hell, No' Network related thing. There was a play in yesterday's game, where Lofton caught a ball in right that may have hit the ground, but was called an out, and then threw to first to double off a runner, who looked clearly safe, but was called out. When they showed the replay, (Kay wasn't there, laziness) Jim Kaat saw the play in the outfield, it wasn't clear either way, and said casually, "Gets it in the webbing..." Then you saw the guy slide in to first, his foot hitting the bag not only before the ball hit Olerud's glove, but before the ball bounced, before hitting Olerud's glove. He was that safe. Kaat's reaction? Silence. Cut to commercial. You think these guys are a little afraid of Steinbrenner?

Magic number to beat the yanks is, as Winger once said, only seventeen. We need to start climbing that ladder again, and soon.


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