Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mario Land

Around 4:30 today, I checked the yankee score: 3-1 Twins. Minny left some runners on, but it was okay, because they were hitting Mussina, and they had Santana on the hill. And in the next inning, the Twins had the bases loaded. At that moment, things were looking... not at all like they are now. 4 back, 4 to play.

That first yankee game, man, that was BS. I knew Santana was only going to go five, but still, if the Twins hadn't botched three plays in a row, the day could've turned out differently. First, Hunter in center lets a ground ball single get past him, putting runners at 1st and 3rd with two outs (It was 3-2 Twins in the 7th, I believe). Jeter then hits a weak grounder that the pitcher reaches for and slightly knocks down, so that nobody can get to it, and the tying run scores. Then, A-Rod goes for the short porch in right, and the right fielder misjudges where the wall is, and makes a weird looking, mistimed leap at a ball that should've been caught. The ball hits the wall, and rolls away. A-Rod ends up with a triple, even though he didn't hustle until he was rounding second base. (Please note that Yes missed the close play at third, because they kept the camera on Jeter, who scored on the play, for a reaction shot.)

At that moment, I was really mad. I started to realize how good you folks who don't pay attention to the yanks have it. I tried to tell myself that my team is in the playoffs anyway, and not to get so mad. But I'm tellin' you, you hear these yankee announcers for five minutes, and you'd be just as pissed. The Joy Of Sox dude felt my pain the other day, saying how he was yelling at the TV because it (the yankee announcers) was yelling at him. Anyway, I was surprised to find out that the Sox were on ESPN. So I thought, well, this will cheer me up, getting to see my team for a change. Manny and Ortiz did cheer me up--for a few minutes. But then it all went to poop. And with the yanks taking an early lead in game two, things were looking very bleak. But the Twins stayed in it. In the top of the eighth, they had the tying run at second with two outs. And as if someone from above was mocking me, who do I see in the batter's box, but Jose Offerman! That was the game, and the evening, and dare I say the division, right there.

But no! I don't dare.We still have a shot at it. I figure since I'm the only person I know who never lost sight of the division, I shouldn't give up now.

I did end up getting cheered up again when the games ended, by a friend of mine who I recently found out can beat Super Mario Brothers in 5 minutes and 24 seconds. After talking to him about strategy for a while, I plugged in the old Nintendo, and checked my own time. I got to world 8-2 in about 4 minutes. That's when I started dying, which you can't do at all if you want to break the speed record. But even without dying, how the hell are you supposed to get through worlds 8-2, -3, and -4 in a minute and a half??

Oh, so about this baseball thing, we've got four left, with Baltimore, so, uh--you know what, just forget that division thing.

Actually, watch the yanks clinch tomorrow, and we go on to SWEEP the Orioles in four completely meaningless games.


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