Sunday, September 26, 2004

Key Win

The 11-4 win today puts the magic number at 11, but I'm subtracting one for beating the yanks in the season series, since we only need to tie them to win the division. So it's down to 10, with 7 to play, and 6 to play for them.

Before today's game, Yes asked the audience if they thought Kevin Brown would pitch 1-3, 4-6, or 7-9 innings. Which was dumb to ask, you knew everyone would say 4-6, I would have. Sure enough, 3/4 of people said 4-6. Funny how "less than 1" wasn't a choice. Heh heh.

Great job by Schill today. And the entire offense.

Another great day for Jeter, with those two mistakes on one play, allowing a run to score.

That was pretty funny when Werner caught the home run.

The Hell, No Network announcers are full of crap. After Astacio threw at Lofton for elbowing Doug at first (and then complaining[?] did he think Doug backed his elbow?), they said it wasn't a smart move. Then when Halsey threw at Roberts, they just said "He really earned the respect of his yankee teammates." Such bullcrap. Oh, and they called it a "cagey" move by Halsey, too, whereas Astacio was just called stupid.

This Pedro Astacio/Anastacio Martinez/Pedro Martinez situation is confusing at times.

Well, after all that anticipation about the final six games against the yanks, we're right where we were going into them--3 1/2 back. That's good considering all that's happened this year. Now we kind of need to win out, though. I hope we don't get messed up by the Florida weather situation. Jeanne is still blowing on America's wang (as Homer Simpson once called it), so the Sox will have to do some bus riding. And then face Kazmir. You gotta figure we hit him the second time around.

I better not see any yankee shirts tomorrow at work.


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