Saturday, September 04, 2004

"Kevin Brown Angreee!"

Ah- hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

That was my reaction when I heard that that shaved ape Kevin Brown broke his own hand by punching the wall. What an ass. And what I'm wondering is, why the hell was he so mad in the first place?? It's not like he gave up 22 RUNS or something, he only gave up three. I'm tellin' you, George's heart is gonna explode right through his chest.

I am so psyched right now. We've cut this thing down to 2 in the loss column. Manny with another dong, along with Mueller, who also made a nice catch on a popup where some large man almost crushed him. And Varitek! With the throwing out runners thing. I love these guys. I wish I'd gotten to see Pedro tonight, Castiglione and Trup' made it sound really fun at Fenway tonight. Of course, I watched all the CT news stations and saw the highlights, and yankee lowlights, several times. I feel like the CBS station is the most pro-Sox, even though they're the one that carries yankee games when they play their network games. It's almost like there's a backlash from all the apparent Sox fans at the station. The station owner must've said, "I'm sorry, I've chosen to pick up the feed for network yankee games, so to be fair, you're allowed to rip them on the sportscasts." The sports guy came on and started going, "Two and haaalf. Two point fiiive. Halfway between 2 and 3...can you think of any other way to say it? Here's one, yankee fans, you're 7 up on the wild card." Them's proverbial fightin' words! And then the ABC station's sports leads off with the yanks' footage, and their guy acts all serious. And the NBC station, it depends on the sportscaster, but they've been known to be pro-Sox. But anyway, this is one time when television fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather*. Or in this case, a blog failing to capture the true excitement of me.

I missed Pedro's mastery (visually), but I got to see Rodrigo Lopez shut down the yanks. It's weird to see the O-bags beat the yanks. Because you're so sure the fix is in, but then, suddenly, you realize, they must really be trying. Even that Julio guy did great, and got the save. I was hoping they'd get a win in this series, and now they've got it. Anything more is a bonus, although not a stretch the way the yanks have been pitching. "Hell, No" network showed something rare tonight: a Jeter reaction shot at the moment the yanks LOST. It was great, and led to a diabolical laugh from me, kind of like when I heard that "Brownie" punched the wall--after surviving two near injuries during the game.

You know what I've been hearing a lot lately? "The yanks are just teasing the Sox," followed by the inevitable Lucy/Charlie Brown football reference. Well, I say, if you're gonna believe that teams purposely lose to tease another team, you might as well look at it from the opposite perspective: It's the yanks who've been getting teased all year. We've just been making them think they're ten games better than us, when we've clearly been the superior team all year long. And now they're in a downward spiral with no end in sight. They'll be the ones flat on their backs.

The magic number is 32. Which means we can clinch the division 16 games from now.

Finally, let me be the first Sox fan, as far as I know, to say, "Who needs Tessie when we've already got Sweet Caroline?"

*the squirrel line is said by Phil Connors in the movie Groundhog Day


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