Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Greatest Day Of My Life

That's right, it was, save for the birth of my child, Thelonius Yaz.



Going into today, we were sitting 4 back in the loss column, on a hot streak, and still at Fenway. And the yanks pitching was still showing no signs of life. But for some reason, everyone on the radio today seemed to think that the yanks were poised to pull away, because their schedule is sooo much easier than ours. WFAN yankee reporter Sweeney Murti said, "the yanks understand that the Red Sox have been playing out of their minds lately," (BS), and even the yankee-hating Mad Dog said the yanks will gain ground over the next nine games. It's almost like the day off for both teams somehow confused everyone: "After Sunday, 4 1/2 games; after Monday, still 4 1/2 games. I guess the Red Sox little run has stalled."

The intro to the yankee game (against Cleveland) consisted of mainly shots of the Red Sox winning, and Kay talking about how the race is heating up. Then that ass said, "but pinstripes don't run..."

Well, we picked up where we left off tonight. And the pinstripes ran and hid like Ahmad (again from the Bad News Bears) after striking out four times. And all the yankee fans, after being told, as if it were fact, that the yanks would be beating up on "easy" teams, while the Sox would struggle against the powerful west, sat stupified as Cleveland scored at will. 3 in the first, 3 in the second, 3 in the third, and the Sox jumped out in front of the Angels early.

Around eight o'clock, I though to myself what a great hour it had been, with the yanks down 9-0, and the Sox up 5-1. But the next two hours would see the Tribe score 13 MORE runs. And the Sox go up 10-1, before giving back 6 runs, but I never felt any pressure. (I heard they showed a little montage of the Indians' scoring on the board at Fenway, and the crowd went nuts.)

It's not really about the 22, it's the fact that it happened today, the day that everyone said the run was over. The yanks have such a weak schedule, there's just no way---uh, a-hem, TWENTY-TWO TO NOTHING.

The whole game, those yankee announcers were just making one excuse after another. Kay kept setting Kaat and Murcer up: "Surely some players get a liiiittle nervous?"

"Oh, noooo," they'd say, "they've still got a 3 1/2 game lead."

"Better to be up 3 1/2 games than down..."

"Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla..."

Hey Joe Torre, your team just gave up 22 runs to the Indians.

Hey Michael Kay, your guaranteed division is going down the tubes.

Hey A-Rod, I can still smell your soul burning from here, and you look very much like a goat, in more ways than one.

Hey Derek Jeter, I forgot to call you out on that key error you made that cost your team the game on Sunday. Oh, maybe you forgot about it, because nobody said anything about it. You catch a meaningless pop up, and your the hero of a blowout win, but you make an error that costs your team the game, and nobody says crap about it. So just so you know, all the fans saw it, despite that the announcers all denied it's existence.

So many great plays in this game tonight: CJ Nitkowski gives up on a ball that rolls back fair and the Indian runner reaches base. Matsui caught off second, even though the pitcher who bobbled the slow roller had all but given up on the play, until he saw Hideki, for some reason leaning toward third, ten feet off the bag. A-Rod diving back to third on a two-out roller in a 16-0 game. Vizquel goes 6 for 7. Tribe scores 6 runs in the ninth, forcing the yanks to warm up Quantrill, down 22 runs. George must be in the freakin' hospital right now. What a day.

Tom Verducci of has written a piece about how the yanks are poised to tumble. As much as I enjoy reading things like this, my message to Tom would be, "Read my blog, I was telling you all this stuff in April. Way to discover that the yanks are tumbling now. That's like predicting the ancient idol will cause bad things to happen to the Bradys after Greg has already wiped out on his surfboard and Alice has thrown her back out hula-ing. But thanks for speaking the truth, though."

Another victory for CT, as the Sox are now on the Quinnipiac station (Hamden/New Haven area), 1220 AM. I put it on and heard what sounded like some kind of helicopter of death. But maybe when I'm closer to NH, on a clear night....

The magic number is 36, and 3 1/2 games away from meaning something again.


Say it out loud, it's fun.

Heh, you crack me up.

I remember last year when the Yankees hit rock bottom too, I'm sure you remember it with glee as well, when the Astros no-hit them in Yankee Stadium. Everyone predicted that that team was going down, this was the end....

Well, I'm sure you know what happened from there dontcha? Just like Yankees fans(and especially announcers, I can't stand Kay as much as you can't) shouldn't have written off the Sox, you Sox fans really should calm down and realize that this season is far from over, and you could just as easily end up not even winning the wild card.

Enjoy your moment, there's still a month left to play, and as a Sox fan, you know what happens to your poor team at the end of every year, choking and Red Sox go hand in hand...

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