Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Great Scott!

Am I a total psychopath for kind of not wanting the Angels to lose games? As far as I'm concerned, no, actually, the truth is, we could be tied for first in four days. And when that happens, I want some team to be close enough to the yanks to get them really worried. I mean, we're gonna have to win almost every game anyway, right? I say keep that next team close. Maybe it's easy for me to say this since I've really never thought about the wild card all season anyway. I've always been confident that we will be playing in the playoffs. It's worth it to live dangerously to see those yanks squirm. My dad, and probably 100% of Sox fans, will tell me I'm crazy, even though I do have a slight amount of tongue in my cheek when I say this. You'll all say "It doesn't matter, as long as we make the playoffs, we can beat the yanks there." Well, it's not like I'll be disappointed if we get in as a wild card. And I'd be rooting just as hard. But I'd like that home field advantage, and to see the yanks miss the playoffs or have to struggle to get in, and to know Derek Jeter would look in the mirror, and say, "Wild card. That's all you are. You've failed," man, that would be sweet. Picture that last scene just like on SNL, when Carvey as Bush, Sr. was talking to himself, saying, "You're a one-termer," after losing to Phil Hartman, I mean Clinton.

Anyway, alright, just gimme the damn wild card. Just kidding. This weekend will be fun. These people who say the division is lost--what are they gonna do this weekend, go fishing? Have a little hope, people! I'll be there Saturday (and tomorrow) and I hope to see us move in to first.

Now I'm gonna write something else in a new post because these things are getting longer and longer. But the next thing I write will be above this one, the way this blog is laid out. So you may have just read something I haven't written yet. So tell me, Marty McFly, who wins the fifth at Belmont?


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