Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Everybody's Stupid

What a bad time to lose our first Tuesday home game of the season. I should have known we were in trouble when Kay and Francesa both all but guaranteed a Sox sweep of the Rays. And the yanks won, but all four runs were cheap.

When the Mets traded this dude Kazmir, their top prospect, at the deadline, because they thought they were in a pennant race, I heard a lot about it, being in WFAN territory. And when his new team, the Rays, actually brought him up to the major league roster, Francesa had a field day, talking about how he'll probably pitch a two-hit shutout against the yanks in NY in the five game series in September. (Which, at the time, Francesa was rooting for, since he thought the yanks had wrapped up the division, So he'd have gladly traded a meaningless loss to the Rays to see the Met fans suffer, watching their top prospect shine two years ahead of schedule.)

Well, as we know, Piniella decided only to use Kazmir in relief against the yanks, for some reason. But when they're facing Pedro and the Sox, he throws the kid out there, and of course, he pitches a gem. And instead of a meaningless game against the yanks, it's a key game against the Sox, now close to the yanks, so Francesa wins, in a way he probably hadn't thought of a month ago. Terrible job by all involved.

My second Shea experience was more of the same on Monday. Again, 7 1/2 hours spent there, only this time I got to see two games. Again, a bunch of Sox fans, including two who had a huge sign for the visiting Braves, saying, "Can't beat the Mets? Just wait for Boston." Meaning in the World Series, I guess. Again, the Mets got 9 runs on 11 hits. Again, I watched the yankee score on the scoreboard closely (the Sox were off). It was great watching that score as it went from 3-2 yanks to 12-3 Royals, before going to 17-3 when Chan & I got to my car. Made it to Shea in just under an hour, so now you know how far away I am from it, which I didn't really specify before. Also, if you go there, I recommend the hot fudge sundae.

I found out today that Steinbrenner and A-Rod contributed 2 grand each to the Bush campaign. Nice to know the dirty money is staying in dirty hands. Man, I don't know how (either) George can sleep at night.

And my final comment on society for the evening:

When a kid misses a foul ball in the stands, and it bounces to some older dude, everyone yells and yells at the guy, until he caves and gives the kid the ball. Okay, so society likes kids. Or at least pretends to. Fine. (Even though, as I've said before, any one who goes to a baseball game should be considered a "kid," and should be allowed to keep any ball they get, guilt free. You know, provided they're not an ass about it, like if the kid is injured or stepped over.)

But when a woman walks through the crowd, and some dumbass coward whistles at her or yells some rude comment at her, everyone just sits quietly, and the guy gets away with it. How come everyone doesn't start yelling at that guy?

So basically, an eight year old girl can go to a baseball game, and be told, "Oh, you wanted that ball, okay, we'll taunt this old guy so he'll feel pressured in to giving it to you. There you go, there's your ball, you beautiful child. But remember, if you come back here in eight years or so, you'll be treated like a piece of meat whenever you get up to get a soda."

Interesting how this came to me after being at three games in a row in New York.

Eh, I shouldn't even say that, it's a USA thing, not just an NY thing.

I'll see what happens when I'm at Fenway tomorrow night.


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