Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dennis/Brian/Tom & Jere

That last post made me think of some things. First, I remembered another Oil Can-related travesty. It was in '86, when my dad took us to Fenway, and we got tickets from a scalper. The dude told us, "These are the best seats you can get with the Can on the mound!"

Needless to say, that was my first time sitting behind a pole at Fenway.

Also, I thought of my friend Tom, who, while not a huge baseball fan, is a big fan if Oil Can, if only for his name. So I called Tom down in Philly, as I haven't spoken to him in a while. I got one of his roommates. This was the first time I'd called him at his new place, so I wonder if this person thought it was a joke when I told her to have Tom call Jere back. I hope not, because I'd like to talk to him.

More Fenway stuff:

Pat & I have noticed that they'll play a song, right before the game starts, that has something to do with the opposing team's city. Like when the White Sox were in town, they played "Sweet Home Chicago." And for the Tigers, it was Kiss's "Detroit Rock City." So last night, we tried to guess what they'd play in honor of the Devil Rays. We didn't come up with "Dock of the Bay," which was a stretch, since Mr. Redding was referring to the 'Frisco Bay. But we agreed that had Otis left his home in Georgia, and headed for Tampa Bay, he would've cut some serious miles off his trip. And who knows, may still be alive today.

Also, when Foulke comes out of the 'pen, they play Danzig's "Mother." I can't help but laugh when I here this song. One day a few years ago, while working at the book/music store, I heard some uproarious laughter coming from the break room, about 200 feet away from where I was. Turns out my friend and then co-worker Brian was showing a bunch of people a home video he made, in which he wildly lip-synchs along with "Mother." But here's the key: He was in the shower.


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