Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Coveted Undefeated Week...Almost

It's cool. Still 2 1/2. And we come right back with Schilling tomorrow.

1080-Hartford had UConn football today instead of the Sox. Despite the Red Sox being on that station for over fifty years, it will still pre-empt them for things like UConn sports and Rush Limbaugh (during weekday afternoon games). What's more important? A Sox game in a pennant race or a UConn football game at any time?

Fortunately I happened to notice that the game was on EPSN radio. So I got to listen to it on 1050 (a NY station) with non-Castiglione announcers. A lot of yankee fans probably heard that game in their cars on the way out yankee Stadium, and were crapping their pants in that last inning, knowing we'd cut an 8-1 deficit to 8-6.

Speaking of the yanks, how sweet is it that Torre, managing every game like it's the World Series, brought in Gordon and Rivera, despite being down 2-0. And then Mariano getting taken out of the game, because instead of keeping the yanks in the game, he put the O's lead out of reach.

The yankees have gone 2-3 since the day everyone said the yanks have an "easy schedule" the rest of the way, and therefore have essentially clinched the division.

And Kevin Brown is getting surgery. It was funny hearing all the different sports reporters telling the Brown story, and every one of 'em chuckled about it. You just can't help but laugh at him.

You know why the Sox lost today? Because that would've been an undefeated week. And they just can't seem to win every game in a given week. I've been waiting for it all year. The last two weeks, the record has been 5-1 and 6-1. This week it was 5-0 going into Saturday.

edit: Does this entry look kind of like it was written by a drunk person? Maybe the first Sox loss in almost two weeks threw me for a loop. I have no other explanation.
The week before the All Star break was 5-1, and the second week of the year was 3-1. Just can't get that undefeated week. Oh well, I'll take 3 consecutive 1-loss weeks any day. The magic number is down to 31.


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