Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Board Goes Back

As soon as Lowe walked the first batter, I knew we were in trouble. That and the fact that his face was all red.

At least we didnt get no-freakin'-hit, and we prevented Leiber from getting a complete game. Yes, that's all I can come up with for positives. But we've got Pedro tomorrow. His face will not be red.

On the FOX call of Ortiz's dong that broke up the no squared, the first thing the dude said after the ball was in the air was, "Playable...." And as the fielder got close to the wall, the guy said, "or did he get all of it? Yes." It was like he was hoping against hope that the ball would be playable.

If you want to root for a no-hitter, fine, but just keep it to yourself, man. You're a neutral announcer. Then they tried to cover up by saying, "I can't believe that ball went out." I don't know what they were talkin' about, I thought it was gone all the way. But that's coming from someone desperately rooting against the no-hit bid.

Speaking of "neutral" announcers, it was fitting that when the play-by-play guy said, "Some people feel Sheffield should be the MVP," McCarver jumped in with "I DO!" And then explained how he's just more valuable to his team despite having the fourth best numbers in the league.

That's actually dangerous, because now all the reporters in the midwest hear that on national TV, and boom, they vote Sheffield. McCarver is terrible. And I hate how he's defended so much, by even Boston media. They'll say, "Oh, every team thinks the national announcers are biased against their team." No, actually we're smart fans who pay attention. Tim McCarver roots for the New York yankees. Go ahead, ask him.

And I don't know about you, but I could tell that the sound on FOX was ahead of the video. So I could always tell if a ball would be hit, beause I'd hear the crack of the bat when the pitch was halfway to the plate. One time I heard a crazy double-noise, like "smack-crunch," as the pitch came in. Then a half-second later--a broken bat hit. It really made the game hard to watch. That and the fact that the Red Sox played like Rotary out there (that was my Little League team). I proved that I wasn't crazy with this sound thing, when they inteviewed Terry Stankonia, and his mouth was WAY behind the words he was speaking. (Tito's a laugh a minute, huh? That's actually not sarcasm.) Is this delay because of the Janet Jackson thing? Have the delay if you must, but at least synch everything up.

The magic number is 19. Forgot to update that after the incredible win. We're still 3 back in the LC, with 15 left, 4 against them. No problem.

As far as the whole MVP thing goes. It's "most VALUABLE player" not the "best" player. Manny is, without a doubt, the best player in the AL right now.

But he could be putting up those numbers and his team still losing if it wasn't for the numbers Ortiz is putting up behind him(See Rodriguez, Alex before last year when there was no other viable option at all really). That makes Manny less valuable, because he has so much help with Ortiz.

Sheffield has carried the Yankees on a bad shoulder. But even so, Vladamir Guerrero is the AL's Most Valuable Player up to now. More than likely either Manny or Sheff wins it, but they shouldn't.

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