Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Big 3-Oh

A lot of yankee fans will tell you, "That Sheffield always hits the ball hard."

Just remember, swinging hard and blooping a single to left, which the announcers refer to as a "line drive" because they were fooled by the swing, does not count as "hitting the ball hard."

I'm just sayin'.

Good win today, too bad the O's gave the yanks a game with errors and walks and poor baserunning or we'd be 1 1/2 back.

I'm worried that the Devil Rays are not gonna make it to the Bronx by 1 PM tomorrow, and have to forfeit. It's doubleheader, so who knows how this is gonna go down. But I swear to Jim Ed Rice, if MLB gives the yankees a win over the Devil Rays, because of a hurricane, I will be at the MLB office in New York...

Castiglione gave the history of The Standells, the band that did Dirty Water, on the broadcast today. It's so funny to hear those dudes talkin' music. Troup's a little bit country, and Joe's a little bit Rock 'n' Roll. Heh. I say that with sarcasm intended. The magic number is 30.


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