Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Best Season Of God's Career

Why do the yankee announcers keep saying that "this is Jeter's best year?"

They act like because he's come so far from where he was in April, that makes it his best overall season. Why can't they say, "If it wasn't for that dreadful April, this would be his best year?" It's like these people that say they're "born-again virgins"(as my friend Jen would say). Sorry, just because you wish something to be true, that doesn't mean it is true. Jeter had a horrible April. You can't take that away. You can't change it. It's done. Say he's has his best comeback of his career or someting like that. But if you're going to talk about a whole season, you can't just forget about the bad parts.

And while I'm making fun of things people say, you know that play where a pitcher fakes to third, then wheels and looks at first (the Jeff Nelson play)? Well don't people know that saying that that play never works is just like saying, "Have you noticed that MTV doesn't play videos any more?"? It's like, Yeah, dude, I noticed ten years ago, get an original idea. Also, people still yell "Viagra" when Palmeiro comes up, as if they think they're the first person who's ever thought of it. And when you yell "You suck!" at a game, you might as well turn around and tell everyone behind you, "Sorry, I just couldn't think of anything else to say."


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