Sunday, August 15, 2004

Whine Whine Whine

On the Red Sox website, there's a survey for "tv viewers." It's on every MLB site I guess, only cut-and-pasted in a way that would make a stupid person think it's a survey referring only to their team. So I took the survey and on every question, I checked off "I don't currently watch MLB games." (surprising option, since the survey is specifically designed for tv viewers) Which is a white lie, because I watch the yankees, and the Red Sox when they're on national tv. And then I used the "comments" section to once again give my complaint about not being able to see my team. Here's what I wrote:

You may have noticed that I don't watch games on TV. This is because my favorite team is the Boston Red Sox. And in Fairfield County, Connecticut, where I've lived my whole life, we're considered OUTSIDE of NEW ENGLAND Sports Network's viewing area by MLB. Despite the fact that WE ARE part of New England. Why do I still have to write letters about this after all these years? When will someone at MLB finally realize this travesty and say, "Whoops, our mistake," and flip some switch that allows ALL of New England to see NEW ENGLAND Sports Network?
I've noticed that the Red Sox organization has been attempting to "win over" Conecticut baseball fans lately. Are there talks in the works about NESN coming to Fairfield County? Please update me on this situation.
I'd like to have the option of watching my home team, instead of being limited to the Mets and Yankees. And Atlanta Braves. I can see a team that plays a thousand miles away, but I've never been able to watch the only teamthat plays here in New England.
Please help.
Thank you,

So hopefully they will write back. A while ago I wrote that letter to the CT Fox stattion, and said I'd write their reply here, and I'm sorry that I never did. I was just so depressed by his answer, which basically said, "No matter which team we choose to show, we'll get thousands of complaints. So we just show the yankees because they've been more popular lately." My reply to that would have been tens if not hundreds of pages long, so I just said screw it, it only affects a few national games per year, I'm not gonna waste my time on that HUGE yankee fan. Just bring some eggs if you're driving by the FOX-61 studios, and I'll do the same.


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