Saturday, August 07, 2004

What's A Wildcard?

The frontrunners were out in full force today.

Don't get me wrong, I see yankee hats every day, but on this Saturday afternoon, the huddled masses were roaming in, uh, masses. Every loser and their girlfriend, decked out in post-'96-bought (stolen) yankee gear. Are these people that insecure that they needed the lead to hit double figures before they started representing Bandwagon Nation?

I was pretty pissed after hearing the Sox lost to Detroit last night, falling 10 1/2 out. But then I saw a stat that was pretty encouraging: Red Sox starters have lasted at least seven innings in each of the last eight games. That's pretty damn good. I decided that if that means the pitching has settled down, which is still an "if", then we've got one last chance to really turn things on, with Ortiz about to return. Remember, we've got six left against the yanks, so we really only need to cut the lead by five, and then whoop their asses six out of six.

So tonight, Ortiz came back, got some RBIs, and Pedro continued the seven inning streak, and we got a much needed win. So maybe this is finally the streak we've been waiting for. (Pretty sad, huh, thinking one win must be signaling the start of a long winning streak?)

Does this optimistic post all but guarantee a loss tomorrow? Usually yes, but I've gotta say what I feel. I can't worry about silly jinxes. Now excuse me, I have to go to bed, first taking off my right THEN left sock, setting the alarm to a time divisible by 16, and putting my glasses case next to my paint chip from a Fenway seatback.


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