Monday, August 23, 2004

This Is 2004, Everybody

Today, Jeter was believeing the media hype. Or was it the other way around?

Either way, both said the same thing: The yanks always have a slump this time of year. It's nothing to worry about.

Well, they've had really good pitching since this whole fake-dynasty started, until this year. So don't be so sure about this one, Jeter.

Then Francesa brought up that increasingly meaningless stat that the yanks have never blown more than a six game lead in any season. Yeah, I'm sure the Red Sox will hear that and just give up. "Hey, it's never been done, so it can't be done."

And while I'm talkin' about that arrogant SOB, I just want to point out a mistake he made today. (Because it's my nature. And he deserves it.)

He took a call from Hot Springs, Arkansas. He called the town "Home of the Ak-Sar-Ben."

Having gone to school in Nebraska (read Nebraska backwards), I'm aware that Ak-Sar-Ben is the name of the coliseum in Omaha, Nebraska (where I saw Nirvana in '93), as well as the name of a famous race track in Omaha, now a parking lot. I'd think that Francesa is referring to the track, not the coliseum, since he's a huge racing guy. But why did he think it was in Hot Springs, Arkansas? It's got some similar letters, but come on. And the caller hadn't been patched through, it sounded like, so he didn't even hear this huge mistake. (Also, Francesa pronounced it completely wrong, but maybe the coliseum is pronounced differently than the track was--the coliseum is "eggs-ARE-bin")

Not a big deal to some, alright, most, but the way he said it suggested he knew exactly what he was talkin' about.

And just for equal time, I have to say I was pissed at Sox announcer Jerry Trupiano the other night for claiming it was Nebraska who got 5 downs to beat Missouri way back when, when it was really those prostitute-hirin' thugs at Colorado.


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