Friday, August 06, 2004

Rick James Is Dead, Bi--Nah, Too Predictable

That bastard Kay today, check out what he said (this is from my *superb* memory):

"Dale Sveum had Dave Roberts get thrown out at the plate in the eighth inning, with Bill Mueller on deck, and there was only one out. And he got thrown out by 35 feet. 35 feet! And all the Boston media talks about is Nomar."

Okay, if you saw that game, you know there are three things wrong with this statement: Ninth inning, no outs, roughly 7-10 feet.

Granted, his point may be true about Nomar, although I know my post from after that game talked about the bad third base coaching, and didn't mention Nomar. And the Sveum thing was the main story on dirtdogs, but yeah, people are still talking about Nomar. But, like Kay had just finished saying before this quote, he was the most famous Red Sox shortstop of all time. So...

But my point is, Kay wasn't lying here, just showing an incredible amount of ignorance. He proved that he definitely did not see the play he was describing. It's ironic, though, that he made the play sound less important than it actually was, by claiming it was the eighth inning. But if you heard him say "35 feet!", you'd have been able to tell that it wasn't said in a jokin' around way, he was really shocked about what was surely some incorrect report he heard. I guess he got a taste of his own prov. medicine. Had he known what he was talking about, he could've really driven his point home, as lame as it was in the first place.

Moving on to irrelevant land:

Whenever I see a close-up picture of a ballplayer taken in mid-game, I always check out the crowd, hoping that by some miracle, I'll see someone I know, or even myself. Like shots of Derek Lowe when he pitched the no-no. There's one that's kind of got the right field grandstand in the background, and I'm like, That's near where we were! Look closely! I think that's my goal in life, to be clearly in the background of some famous picture. (I guess most people want the foreground, but I'm more realistic.) Or even if I had a good friend who was in a really famous picture. There are certain shots of Elvis where you can see faces in the crowd really clearly. Why aren't those people out bragging to the world about their accomplishment? Maybe these people have websites, I'll have to check. I'd befriend somebody just so I could say, Hey, check it out, see this Freddie Mercury poster? Recognize the guy with the ketchup stain on his shirt in the bottom corner? Why yes, that is my boy Bob. Yeah, the dude I just met online! No, he's cool....


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