Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Radio Transmission

Shortly after I was saying I could never get 1490-AM, I was down in Bridgeport, CT, and I got it in, but only briefly before the static took over. 1080 Hartford had golf instead of the game, so I was searching the dial. (I noticed that 1080 was coming in crystal clear for once--while the golf was on.) So at least I know 1490 does carry the games, but I'm still tryin' to figure out what mountain you have to be standing on while wrapped in tin foil to hear them. 630 Providence is still a better bet from where I am. Which makes even less sense.

The Red Sox are 7-0 at home on Tuesdays this season. So...

I'm kind of wishing I hadn't noticed that right before a key Tuesday home game. But I'm bringing it up anyway. I refuse to bow to the pressure of my own superstitious weirdness. So here I go: Yeah, it's Tuesday, we're at home, you know what that means! Bad news for the Athletics*! *meaning Angels. If you don't get that joke, rent The Bad News Bears. But if you haven't seen that, why are you reading baseball blogs?

Today Michael "Backwards" Kay was talking about how he's not very confident about the yanks in the postseason. (You know they've got problems if Kay is admitting that.) But he still says, (about the division) "...they'll hang on there...," in the same tone as you might say, "The sun will set tonight..."

I guess he's gotta feign confidence in that, since earlier in the season he said that he's got a better chance of spontaneously combusting than the Sox have of winning the east. (See my June 29th entry.)


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