Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Pen Is Mightier (For 200, Alex)

Here's one way in which I'm still livin' in the past. Whenever I'm at my computer, and I think of some awesome idea, I immediately start looking around for a pen. Meanwhile, I could just start typing the idea onto the computer screen using the keyboard directly in front of me. (Yeah, the object I'm looking underneath for a pen!) In fact, when I thought of writing this as a blog entry, what did I do? Started lookin' for a pen...

I saw the Sox game on ESPN2 tonight. (Little League baseball was on ESPN, so, c'mon...) And I don't want to talk about it.

I will talk about the yankee game. Unlike all the yankee fans at work, and at the place adjacent to my work, I actually knew they were playing an afternoon game. I got updates throughout the day, and went out to my car one last time to hear the Jays wrap it up, as they were up 5-2 going to the bottom of the ninth.

When the first yankee reached base, I actually said, Go ahead Matsui, hit a home run, I want you guys to lose in heartbreaking fashion for a change. I was livin' dangerously...and the bastard did hit a home run, making it 5-4. I wished I hadn't said that at that point. But the Jays hung on, despite having the tying run on base. It's so disgusting to hear Sterling announce the ninth. He acts like it's predetermined that the yanks will win. How arrogant and stupid and unprofessional is that? To talk all confidently about your team when they're losing, (you supposedly being a neutral broadcaster) instead of fairly describing the action. It's almost like he's so sure this will be a great comeback, and the radio call will be played 100 years from now, so he doesn't want to be thought of as the moron who actually thought the yanks would lose.

Other Sterling notes: Every time I listen to a yankee game, which is a very small percentage, considering all of their games are on tv, and when I'm in the car, usually the Sox are on so I've got them on, and even when I do hear Sterling, it's only for a few innings. Anyway, the last eight or so times I've listened to him, he's brought up the fact that the yanks are drawing a lot of fans, and every time he follows it up with, "Amazing."

Too bad it's my radio that's gonna end up getting punched instead of that piece of crap yankee-rooter.

He referred to Olerud as, and I'm not kidding, "...the tall, elegant, classy hitter.."

Magic number went down to 64 with that yankee loss, but stayed there when Schilling tried to top Wakefield's home run record...


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