Friday, August 20, 2004

Message To yankee Fans

Congratulations, yankee fans. Your team really did a great job tonight. They had a 9-2 lead. Quantrill came in, just the way it's supposed to be. Zero innings pitched and three earned runs later, plus some more inherited runners scoring, and the lead was all but gone. Sheffield bailed you out with a homer, but not before he gave up the lead because he can't lift his arm above his shoulder. And if the Twins put someone--anyone--at the plate besides Jose Offerman in a key situation, they may have taken an insurmountable lead. But as Charley Steiner said, it was another come from behind win for the yanks. Does he mention that the only reason they had a chance to come from behind is because they blew a SEVEN run lead? No. Anyway, great job tonight, yankee fans, on going to bed early--I mean rooting your team on. You're better than me. You are a great person with a perfect life. Everyone loves you. Oh wait, what's that? Oh, the president is on the line for you, yankee fan. You are truly a national hero.

You know what else Steiner said? When the Twins had the tying run at third late in the game, there was a popup into shallow center field. Jeter backpedaled, and made the catch, then threw a strike to the plate (this is all based on what I heard on the radio.) The runner bluffed, and stayed at third. Steiner actually then uttered the words: "There's another play where Derek Jeter's talent will fail to show up in the boxscore."

Any last words before your execution, Charley?

Jeter did nothing more than what you're supposed to do. Can you even think of anything else you'd do in that situation? It was a popup. He caught it. The runner wasn't going to score no matter what happened. Maybe Steiner thinks that Mark Bellhorn would've let the ball drop on purpose. Or caught it and rolled the ball toward first base, allowing the run to score. Or thrown the ball into the center field stands while announcing to the umpire that his team is forfeiting the game.

Anyway, I was listening on the radio because Chan and I were driving back from the city, where I lived the dream of seeing Ghostbusters outside in Washington Square Park at dusk. It's one of my all time favorites, and Harold Ramis was there to introduce the movie. I guess the guy who puts on these events is friends with Ramis, and that's how he gets him to come. Ramis rules. GB rules. F the yanks.

Red Sox - 8 1/2 back

What more needs be said? ;)

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