Monday, August 16, 2004

Joe The Juice Guy

The tone of Joe Castiglione's voice when the Red Sox recorded the final out tonight gave me the impression that he just wanted to take the win and get the hell out of there, knowing that the game was much more frustrating than an 8-4 victory should be.

It was like he just put on the "We won, everything's fine" face, as if saying like that would make it so, when he easily could've said something like, "The Red Sox win a tough one," in a much more nervous voice.

That game, man, I felt like I was listening to the pre-Roy Hobbs New York Knights minus the traditional blooper-reel music in the background.

Speaking of announcers, I was thinking about how weird it must be for some of these athletes when they get to the point where they have to meet their new team's announcers. Because you know half the dudes don't care about announcers, while, in turn, all the announcers are probably so excited to meet someone whose profession is so much "cooler" than theirs. Also, the announcers get to hang out with the players for interviews and stuff, and they probably really look forward to it. Whereas the average player probably thinks that the last thing they want to do after hitting a game-winning home run in front of 50,000 people is go chat with some crusty old stat freak who his father probably beat up in high school, and couldn't even play infield on his Little League team. "What was I thinking on that 2-2 fastball? I was thinking about how great it feels to be a 23-year-old millionaire who's loved and adored by an entire city. What were you thinking when you called it?"

No offense to the announcers, of course. Castig rules. I'd hang out with him.

And finally, more about this MLB deal with all the team sites being the same:

Today there's a story where you can pay a dollar to charity, and get a ticket to a game on specific days. I thought the phrase "...ticket to any home game played on September 1st..." sounded a little suspicious. So I looked at the full story, and it gave each team's locations (where you donate your $) and which games you can get tickets to. Of course, every other team had a series of dates listed, while the Sox, understandably, only offered one date. You'd think, though, that when they filled in the dates for the story on the Red Sox page, they would've seen the horrible wording, and just changed "any" to "the." It really sounds bad: Any home game on the 1st. Wow, I can choose between all ONE of them! I think I'll choose the 7:05 game.

I wouldn't be surprised if one day there was a story on there that said, "...see Manny, Pedro, and all your favorite insert team name here stars!"

Time for teams to start succeeding from the MLB website union.


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