Tuesday, August 10, 2004

George Scatmuncher (Once Again, Thanks Bill Hicks)

Kevin Brown was awesome tonight. If you're a Sox fan. Good to see him and A-Rod lose to their old team, while Soriano and Delucci kicked yankee butt.

Too bad tonight's Sox game wasn't on ESPN2 instead of last night's. Sounded like a key win from what I heard through the static. The magic number to beat the yanks is 61*.

Tonight, Trupiano had the all time worst non-home run call. Or, as I used to say, ironically, he "Castiglioned" the audience. I know he likes to say SWING... or Swing and a drive.... and then the ball is caught on the infield. But tonight, he went all out on a ball hit by Manny to right...he even got as far as WAY BACK!, and then the ball was caught at the wall.

Maybe he's just hoping as much as we are.

Mets' pitcher Tom Glavine lost his two front teeth in a cab accident. I heard on the news that when Glavine first came up in the big leagues, he was asked why he chose baseball over his other sport, hockey. He said it was because he had all his own teeth and wanted to keep it that way...

*number of times Steinbrenner has eaten his own crap since Sunday.


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