Sunday, August 15, 2004

Fenway Park, August 14th

I was up at Fenway tonight for a key win. Pat & I have really taken to our "new seats." Instead of sitting in the bleachers, we've been standing at the top of the grandstand between home and first. Great view and really close, not bad for 20 bucks. A little hard to see when everyone stands up, but it's worth it. Ortiz had two dongs, should've had three, Manny had one, too. We could see Pedro with his little toy bat in the dugout, imitating the batters. That guy rules. Schilling was really on after that rough spot in the first. Youk made a hell of a catch. It reminded yet again how overrated that Jeter catch is. And the Saturday night crowd was even livelier than your weekday and day time crowds (naturally.) It was a fun night. And only the very end of the drive back to SW CT was affected by Hurricane Chuck, or what's left of it.

I'm surprised that there are still people who say, "Why are they booing Youkilis?"

And that so many people boo Carl Everett. I was a big fan of his. He was a weird dude who hated the yankees. My kinda guy. My fiance used to call him the rogue strategizer.

And I wouldn't have expected so many Cubs fans at a Red Sox-White Sox game. I guess all the people who root for the Cubs in the Boston area come out to root against their hated rivals. And I mean there were a lot of them. Like more than the amount of, say, Blue Jays fans you'd see when the Blue Jays are in town. In fact, there were more Cubs fans than White Sox fans there, from what I could tell. Also, I saw two Nomar Cubs jerseys. But they could've been actual Cubs fans, as opposed to people making a statement. I'll see how many of those I see in two weeks when I'm up there again.

When you go up to those sinks that have a sensor under the faucet, and there's no one around, so you have a choice of five sinks, do you ever pick one of the ones that isn't broken? I don't get a working one until my second or third try.

I thought of that because it happened to me at Westborough Plaza on the Mass Pike tonight. We went there as opposed to Framingham or Charlton, because it's the one without a McDonald's, so the crowd is about 200% smaller...

What's your Mass Pike rest area of choice?


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