Wednesday, August 04, 2004

An Evening Ruined

When I'm coaching third base, I never send a runner home when the outfielder has the ball before that runner has hit third base.

Especially when my team's down by one run in the ninth inning.

Terrible loss.

But to make the night worse, the A's couldn't hold a two run lead with one out and nobody on in the ninth. Jeter came up, and I said, Okay A's, be ready to buckle down, because after this bloop single to right, the tying run will be at the plate. The bloop went more to right center, but I was close. And the A's didn't take my advice, as Sheffield then tied the game on a home run, and the yanks went on to win, despite Mariano continuing to give up hit after hit in extra innings.

Screw that Jeter and his inside out swing bloop singles to right. You know, my cousin Kara could roll a six with a dice every time. She'd just put the "one" side facing up on a certain spot on her hand, angle the hand to the table, let the dice tumble out of her hand, and there it was, every time: six. Just like Jeter, every time, bloop to right. But you don't see my cousin in the craps hall of fame. Screw Jeter.


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