Thursday, July 29, 2004

yanks Stink--Take A Look

Just a reminder: The yankees continue to play horribly crappy ball. Hey Red Sox! Play to or even almost to your potential and the division is yours! 

at Toronto, Game 1: yanks score four quick, but can't get much else, then Mariano blows his second save in a row (both with two run leads), only to have yanks win in 10. NY media calls Mariano's blowing a save "rare"--again! 

at Toronto, Game 2: El Duque goes two innings, forcing the yanks to use "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night" Padilla, Heredia, Proctor, and Gordon. Jays have bases loaded, up 2-1 in eighth, don't score, and yanks get late win, but again, bullpen worn out. 

at Toronto, Game 3: yanks lose on walk-off homer in tenth after Heredia gives up tying run late, with help from Sheffield, who, as is his tradition, misses the cutoff man. 

So they mustered up two wins out of three, but good stuff (for us) happened in all three. 

Tonight: yanks, with Contreras starting, give up 9 to the Orioles, while "murderer's row"  (the only "murderer's row" in history without ONE .300 hitter) scores only one run off Ponson and the Birds. That's right, the Orioles showed up against NY. Savor that one. Note that in this 9-1 yankee loss, Hell No Network's 'Play of the Game' was A-Rod catching a pop up that he caught with his back to the infield. Too bad doing that doesn't get you nine runs. 

Add those games to the Sox series preceding them, and the yanks have been playing piss-poor for quite some time now. Contreras was a test tonight, and he failed. The next is Brown tomorrow. We'll see what happens. But they really need Randy Johnson if they want to, well, if they want to have ONE effective starter. 

The magic number is 71.

Also, it appears that the big toilet bowl in the Bronx is one step closer to being torn down.


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