Monday, July 19, 2004

Seattle, Here I...Oh Wait

Just got back from Seattle last night and man am I--what?? Yeah I know the Sox are just getting to Seattle to play the M's tonight. And yes, I knew that when Lys & I planned our vacation. It just didn't work out, okay? I'll catch the Sox back in Beantown for Wednesday's double header. Quit grillin' me under these hot lights...
Anyway, it's okay that I didn't go a ball game in Seattle, because that just would've taken away from our time there checking out the city and surronding areas. Seattle friggin' rules. We went there to find sunny skies and 80 degree temps literally every day for a week, only to return home to the dreary, rainy northeast. They get like 16 hours of daylight out there this time of year. It's incredible, beautiful, and really fun. Just make sure you go in July or August.
Now I wanna talk about Kevin Millar.
Everybody seems up in arms about this guy's antics, what with his commercials and little slogans for the team. I admit, I started to think he was a little nuts when he came up with "Yee Haw." Then I heard his commercial on the radio for "Reverse the Curse" Ice Cream. (This is the only ad I've seen or heard him on, as I live out of the Boston market-he heh. It's played on the Sox radio broadcasts.) Anyway, in the commercial he talks about haircuts and stuff, and says, something like, "Watch out, if this ice cream doesn't work, it's mohawk time come October." That's probably way off, but the point is, the dude is just jokin' around. When he comes up with slogans, it's because he just feels like doing something weird. I don't think he's in the clubhouse mapping out plans on which demographic will buy which "Yee Haw" t-shirt, when he should be taking ground balls; I think he's just a goofball. The important thing is, it seems like he really tries hard and wants to see the Sox win in a similar way that the fans do.
I knew this all along about him, but I feel like I got roped into the Dirtdogs mentality of taking everything too seriously. Like as if Kevin Millar saying Yee Haw is gonna make the Red Sox lose. Who cares what he does... I'd rather have guys with personalities than robots on the team.
You know what, though? My last Fenway game, on July 7th, Millar was swinging for the monster during batting practice. Like he was strictly showing off. So except for that, I'm down with Millar. I'm sure it waas just that one day. Ehhh....


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