Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Many, The Arrogant, The Brainwashed

I was psyched to hear a yankee fan call up the FAN today and say that he felt like the yanks can't beat good pitching, and also that he doesn't know how much more of Michael Kay he can take. Welcome to my world, buddy.

In other yankee fan news, here's a great example of how they'll just repeat what they hear from their own media/announcers, thinking that: A. what they're saying is true, and B. they're the ones who came up with it.

On Dirt Dogs, (whose dude still hasn't replied to my letter, except to say he'd reply later), there's an email from a yankee fan, from after Game One of last week's yanks-Sox series. Here it is with my comments in italics. (They were obviously watching on Yes, as I was.)

Yankee fan rubs it in with:

a) Manny Ramirez hits a fly to center and barely leaves the batter's box. Had Lofton dropped it (like he did against the Mets), Manny could've even been tossed out at first - and this is a close game at the time.

Okay, classic case of yankees' network waiting until Manny runs at anything less than full speed, then showing a close up while the announcers say EXACTLY what this "fan" said, right down to the Lofton reference. Manny ran, he just ran slow because he freakin' popped up. Thrown out at first? Maybe at second. I wonder if NESN even bothered to show this non-issue of a play. Tonight, I put on the yankee game and watched the blessed Derek Jeter loaf down to first--against the Tigers, when no one was watching. The announcers said nothing about it.

b) Derek Jeter beats out the throw from Garciaparra on an error. If Jeter doesn't hustle, Sheffield never hits the 3 run HR to put the game out of reach.

Wait, didn't the ball get away? So even if he didn't hustle, he would've been safe, as Nomar was throwing on the move without even having a chance to see how close the runner was to first.

If Manny ever played under Torre and pulled this kind of thing, he'd find himself on the bench PDQ. One thing Torre does not allow at any time is loafing (and mouthing off, but that's another kettle o'fish.)

More BS. If this was true, the yankees would have no players left on the field. As I said, all the things this person is saying is taken right from the yankee announcers. There was also a play where A-Rod took his sweet time throwing to first and they didn't make a big deal about it.

I find it hard to fault Nomar on those errors, by the way. Those throws are very catchable - Millar nearly fell down on the first throw. If you notice, Rodriguez and Heredia nearly threw balls away, but Tony Clark snagged both of them (chiefly because he's 6'6"). But a first baseman should be able to scoop those throws by Nomar. They were very catchable.

Tony friggin' Clark, man.

Johnny Damon is the first Red Sox centerfielder EVER to hit two HRs at Yankee Stadium

I like how they just threw this in at the end, like, hey, here's some trivia that I KNOW. No, you just heard it on the Yes broadcast. Only, you forgot something. When Kay was spewing this fairly meaningless stat, he then pointed out that Fred Lynn--a Red Sox centerfielder-- did hit two dongs in a game against the yankees on the road, only it was during the renovation of yankee Stadium, so the game was played at Shea. That's right, yankee fans, surely you didn't know this, but your team played it's home games at Shea Stadium in '74 and '75. Backwards Kay quickly then re-stated that Damon is the only one to do it AT YANKEE STADIUM. I'm guessing this fan heard something about Shea and figured Kay meant in a game against the Mets...maybe some World Series that occurred before 1996 that they weren't aware of. My point is, this person got a little brain-washing from Kay and Co., and then tried to pass off all the info they gained as their own. Silly yankee fan. This is what I put up with daily.


I'm headed up to Fenway tomorrow with Pat. We're gettin' Pedro.

Key blowout win tonight, combined with key Tiger blowout win, and the magic number is down to 89.

I'm also very excited that Castiglione and Trup' asked the audience to "send in your song about the Red Sox." Me and Pat will have a ball with that one.


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