Friday, July 23, 2004

Key Weekend

I was just watching the 6:00 News on Channel 2 New York. They did a report on security for the DNC in Boston. When they cut back to the live shot of the reporter, she was standing on Lansdowne Street. They probably were there to cover the yanks-Sox game that's about to start, so they just did that report right from behind Fenway. So sure enough, some dude walks behind the lady and yells, "Yankees Suck!!!"


Terrible job by channel 2 thinking they'd avoid that.

I got to see two Red Sox debuts up at Fenway yesterday, Abe in Game 1, and Ricky Gutierrez in Game 2. Abe should be okay in a few years, he just needs to not walk everybody. And this Gutierrez, the first Gutierrez on the Sox since Jackie, seems to be good with the glove.

I wonder if any team has ever had an Abe and a Gabe on their roster at the same time before yesterday...

This team seriously needs to kick some yankee butt this weekend.


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