Tuesday, June 29, 2004

yankee-Media Rage

Today I continued to punish myself by again turning on the Michael Kay radio show. Here's what I heard:

Kay (to co-host): Do you think the Red Sox can make up 5 1/2 games and win the division?

Co-host: I think there's a chance.

Kay: There's also a chance that we both spontaneously combust.

A Red Sox fan called up and pointed out that Kay said there was no chance the Sox would beat Oakland last post-season, after they were down 2-0. Kay laughed it off, saying he didn't need to be reminded of when he was wrong.

So as I signed on to AOL to write about this Kay travesty, I saw a "headline" on their welcome screen that read, "Red Sox In A Race They Can't Win." Great, I thought. Can't wait to read this one. It was a New York Times article my Murray Chass. He immediately refers to the "big, bad Red Sox", and then goes on to say the following, which made me want to strangle the man. (At the very least):

"Too many games remain to be played to claim a division title for anyone, even the Yankees. But unlike the situations in the other five divisions, the Yankees are being pursued by the Red Sox, in the same old scenario. Like it or not, Red Sox fans, no matter what changes the Red Sox have made, no matter the team's ingredients, the uniform shirts the players wear at Yankee Stadium the next three nights will still say "Boston." Nothing more need be said, no further explanation needed."

What a wonderful, intelligent human being. This is one of those guys that should be strapped to a chair in the middle of the Rose Bowl and executed in front of a live, national audience. And when he asks for the reason he's being executed, we'd just tell him, "No explanation needed."

I hope the Sox players read and hear this stuff and get as angry as I am and kick the crap out of those yankees.

Disclaimer: Jere is a non-violent person and doesn't really approve of the killing of anyone. Except for Steinbrenner. Alright, maybe not. But I'm allowed to not mourn when he dies of natural causes.


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