Monday, June 07, 2004

We Are The Pac-Men!

Since I used to be in a band called The Pac-Men, it is only fitting that I am now the reigning Pac-Man champion in the arcade over at RedSoxNation.Net.

The ghosts in that Pac-Man game don't have the same personalities (ghostalities?) as they do in the real arcade game. Blinky should be the aggressor; Clyde aka Bashful should be, well, you know, like Manny.

In this version, there's not much rhyme or reason to what the ghosts are trying to accomplish. Sometimes they seem to actually be protecting the power pellet, which is unheard of in the arcade. And you can tell when one is going for the kill. But they definitely get dumber as they get faster. So try to stay alive for as many boards as possible--this is more important than eating ghosts, I think. Plus, if you can get to the "key" boards, those keys are worth 5 grand a pop, and they come up a lot of times per board. In the arcade they only come up twice per board.

While I'm giving away secrets, here's the key to the game Snake (which I also have the high score to, heh heh.) Play the middle speed. At the fast speed, I topped out in the 4 thousands. At the middle speed, I think I got 5600 or so, before it got erased.

What does this have to do with the Red Sox? Uhhhh...the Red Sox, uh, go through season after season, "boards" if you will, and, uh, try to avoid the ghosts. And every time they finish a season, they power up for the next, but the ghosts are there again all powered up as well. And it never f***ing ends.

Yeah, that's it.


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