Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Uber-Pen Is Breaking Up

I hope you didn't give up on either game tonight. If you did, you missed a comeback win by the Red Sox and a blown game by the yanks.

Right about at the same time, both games turned around. We started hitting bombs to erase a 7-2 deficit, and win 14-9. And the yanks blew a 3-0 lead (which they had due to some bloop hits), with Gagne saving the 6-3 win.

I love listening to the Red Sox at 1:00 am, when they're tacking on insurance runs, and Castiglione is psyched, and I feel like everyone else has gone to bed. I don't know, there's something cool about it...

Earlier tonight, I was in New Haven, and some stranger on the street saw my hat and just started talking to me about the Sox as if we were best friends. He said exactly what I've been saying, which is, "I'd rather root for the Sox, even when they lose, than for the yanks when they win." Later, I got another "Go Sox" from someone else, and realized how much cooler New Haven is (Red Sox-wise) than Danbury. But again, show the Sox on TV in Danbury, and we'd win over a lot of on-the-fencers. I hate how on the Sox' web site, there's a little ad for that says, "Transplanted Sox fan? Get" etc. etc. Uh, hello...I was born in New England, and have never left, and I've never been able to get the Sox on cable. Maybe I'll write them about that one.

Now, down to business. A few months ago, Joe Torre called his bulpen the "best since '96." With a bullpen like that, you wouldn't think they'd have be trading any of it's pitchers away in June, but today, the yanks traded Gabe White (ERA of 8+) to the Reds for a minor leaguer. Felix Heredia's ERA is also upwards of 8. Quantrill's given up 46 hits in 40 innings. Gordon's still doing good, I'll be the first to admit, but I'm not giving up hope on his old, injured ass. And Rivera, eh, alright, he's doing good, too. But this is not some kind of super-pen. And with their starters pitching the way they are--hey, why are we behind this team??

Anyway, I'm still saying we'll be passing them soon, and then we need to put 'em behind us for good. And it can be done: We've got our lineup almost at full strength, our pitching is better than theirs; they do have all the dumb luck, an endless supply of cash, and the umpires in their pocket, as well as many players, managers, and coaches on other teams still on George's payroll...add it all up, I say we're still winning this year. 3 1/2 back now, and the magic number is down to 101. And the Devil Rays are in third place. Weird.


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