Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Radio Squared

I've been listening to Air America a lot lately. It's the nationwide left-wing radio station--1190 AM in NY, I don't know if Boston has an affiliate. It's hilarious how Al Franken's people listen to Rush Limbaugh until they here a lie, and then report it on their show (which is called "The O'Franken Factor"). I think it's cool that they do this, and it's funny how that's what I do, too, only with Michael Kay's radio show and game broadcasts...

So I put on Michael Kay's radio show today, to hear some lies, but the whole time I was listening, he was talking about how you're not a man if you give someone a fruit basket. He and his stupid producers were talking about this for my whole ten-minute break. Then he finally decided to take some calls. Oh good, I thought, he's moving on. But no. He asked the callers how they felt on the fruit basket issue. It was really pathetic.

That whole ESPN radio station--1050 AM in NY--is ridiculous. They never talk about sports. They're always just joking around. Now I'm all for joking around, but I don't want to put on a radio station to hear three dudes laughing at each other's private jokes, using stupid catch phrases that only they understand.

The Dan Patrick show is like a Simpsons parody of an FM radio station.

Anyway, maybe I'll get you some Kay lies tonight on the yankee game.

Meanwhile, I've actually been able to see four of the last six Red Sox games on TV, between ESPN2 and going to my folks' house, in NESN country. Man, I wish I lived in New England--oh wait, I have, all my life.

But I have noticed that channel 78 has color bars on it, which has gotten my hopes up. I figure it's gotta be "on hold" for NESN, right? Maybe. I'd give it a .001 per cent chance.

The magic number going into June is 113. Too bad we're percentage points behind, but that will change as the Sox go for their first win west of the Mississippi tonight.

"The Mighty Mississip'. The Ole Miss. The Ole Man. Deep Riverrrrr..."-Clark Griswold


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