Sunday, June 27, 2004

Pee-Smelling Subway Series

I was at a Woodstock-esque wedding this weekend (as in it was basically a three-day event, not as in a concert/wedding which closed the New York State Thruway.) But I'm back for more blogging fun.

Wouldn't it be great if the Red Sox got to play six games each season against a team whose goal is basically to win two of those six games? That's what the yankees get, in the Mets, thanks to the unbalanced, unfair interleague play. The Mets don't bother me, in fact I don't mind at all when they win, because it makes Steinbrenner mad. (Almost as mad as it made him to see the interleague schedule last year, the one time in like ten years that the Red Sox had an easier interleague sked than the yanks.)

But when the Mets play the yankees, even in years where they're pretty good, they just turn to jelly like some kind of, well, like the Orioles. As I'm writing this, they're losing six to nothing in the first inning. So I got about, let's see, zero minutes of enjoyment out of that game. The good thing about these subway series' is that I can watch/listen to the games on the Mets channel, since, of course, I get every Mets game (sometimes in English on one channel and in Spanish on another at the same time), just like I get every yankee game, while getting no Red Sox games. The Mets announcers get little shots in at the yankees, which is great to hear. But I'd trade them in for yankee losses any day.

I just saw on TV a kid at yankee Stadium with a hat that showed the Statue of Liberty, with the Mets logo on one side of it and the yankee arachnid logo on the other. I just can't relate to people who buy things like this. Or the Red Sox-yankees shirts with both logos. I guess those people are thinking, "I was at a fairly common match-up between two rival teams...And I didn't give a crap who won!" (Apologies to my friend Chan, who once got me a Fiesta Bowl shirt which showed both the Nebraska and Florida logos--but that was a special case since I went to college at Nebraska and he attended Florida.)

I did get to see the Sox today, though, as I was visiting my parents in New England. God! I keep forgetting! I live in New England. Anyway, what a great win, by such a fun team. It's such a shame that Fairfield County doesn't get to see these guys play.

On the Red Sox' site, I clicked on a story in the MLB Headlines section about the All-Star voting. I couldn't help but notice an ad for the YES Network (which I call the Hell, NO Network) hext to the story. Why would they have an ad for a regional sports network on a neutral story? I thought, Well, maybe since the gist of the story is the fact that there are soooo many yankees holding leads in the All-Star balloting, they allowed a yankee-related ad to be on there. So I looked for a Red Sox-related story, found one, went to it, and...the same YES Network ad. Maybe they have ads for all regional networks, and they're rotating them. (But I have a strong feeling it's just YES ads.)

Speaking of All-Stars, the amazing David Ortiz should be one, but he needs to be written in (which you know if you read DirtDogs). So please go to the Sox' official site to vote for him, and all our other guys. Thanks.

The magic number is down to 95, and may go down one more as the Mets have now cut it to 7-5. But I can't be very optimistic about that; I'm thinkin' Kaz Matsui has one more key error in him this series.

I don't have tickets to the upcoming Sox-yanks series, but I may be heading to the Riviera Cafe down in NYC to root along with the Sox fans there. Bring on the yanks, time to pick up some games...


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