Wednesday, June 23, 2004

My Letter To DirtDog

Okay, first of all, I signed on to "Blogger" today, and found an awesome article about sports blogs by Jennifer Garrett. Please read it.

Second of all, the Sox had a nice win tonight, with Nomar hitting a grand slam. Since the yankees played the Orioles, the magic number only went down by one, but we're in double digits now at 99. 50 Sox wins, 49 yankee losses, and it's wrapped up.

Third of proverbial all, Gammons seems to think the yanks are the team most likely to get Beltran. Go ahead, George, add more offense instead of pitching; and give up your best prospects to do it. And we'll keep Youkilis.

Okay, sorry to hit you with another letter so quick, (the tv station wrote back, I'll post that soon) but I just had to write to DirtDog after I saw that he said, "Real Red Sox fans are sick and tired of this obsession with the Yankees."

So here's that letter:

Dear Steve,

I read the Baltimore Sun article (I got the link on your site) where you announced that "real" Red Sox fans are sick and tired of the yankees obsession--you know the quote.

And you also mentioned the "curse" business.

I agree that talking about the so-called curse is pretty stupid. And I think that people who make money off of either of these issues are most likely bigger fans of dollars than they are of the Red Sox.

However, I was pretty offended how you basically said that anyone who is really into the whole "yankee hating" thing is not a real Red Sox fan.

I am a fourth-generation Red Sox fan. I love my team and never quit on them. Despite being constantly made fun of my whole life here in southwest Connecticut, I am very proud to be Red Sox fan. I really think being a fan of this team has played a big role in me being who I am today--a humble, down-to-earth, optimistic, fiercely loyal person. I definitely consider myself a "real" Red Sox fan.

And I HATE the New York yankees.

I've always been able to get the yanks on TV, while hardly ever getting a chance to see the Red Sox. Thanks to my parents, I grew up vigorously rooting for whoever the yankees were playing, with the sound down on the television, listening to the Red Sox on the static-filled radio. I've hated yankee players most yankee "fans" haven't even heard of. From Reggie, Bucky and Mickey (Rivers) as literally a toddler (I have audio tapes to prove this), to Steve Sax, Paul Zuvella, and Dale Berra as a pre-pubescent teen, to Randy Velarde, Jim Leyritz, and Tony Fernandez as a college student, to Posada, Giambi, and A-Rod today.

It's very important to me that the yankees lose. Partly because they've never failed to disgust me, and always seem to win in the end, and act like they've won even when they've really lost. But also because I've had to face yankee fans just about every day of my life, between school and work. Lots of them. Most of my friends are yankee fans. I don't think I need to tell you what (most of) these people are like, but imagine them being the majority of people you deal with day in and day out. (I'm assuming you live in the Boston area.) Jerry Seinfeld has said that whether your team wins or loses doesn't really affect you personally, so what's the big deal? Well, he's never been a Red Sox fan in pinstripe territory.

So I'll always keep up with the yanks, like I always have in the past, rooting against them whether they're in the cellar or the World Series. And sure, if they're up 10-0 against the Orioles (I chose the most realistic example), I just turn 'em off if I want to. But hearing a yankee score can't not affect me.

If you think this means that, when the Red Sox are on TV here, I'd miss ONE pitch of the Red Sox game in favor of watching the yankees to root against them, you're crazy.

I know lately there's been a lot of hype surrounding the rivalry recently. And I can see that maybe up in the Boston area, there might be some people jumping on the "yankee hater" bandwagon, and maybe that's cheesy, but still, I don't see how anyone could NOT hate that team. So I say, if someone who's indifferent realizes how disgusting the yankees are, let 'em jump on board. I'd rather have yankee fans know how much their team is hated, even if it means people jumping on a bandwagon of sorts. But I don't even think it's that, I think it's a lot of "real" Red Sox fans showing everyone that they're sick of the god damn yankees. That's a lot better than what the media does, saying things like, "If you hate the yankees, you hate baseball" (Bob Ryan), and "Even Red Sox fans had to be rooting for Mussina when he almost got that perfect game against them." I was watching that game, and I had the same opinion as a buddy of mine, who said it best: "I'd rather puke blood than see the Red Sox get no-hit by a yankee." Oh, and then there's, "Even if you hate the uniform, you gotta admit, these yankees are a great bunch of guys." Bullcrap. I can tell what kind of person Derek Jeter is just by seeing that arrogant look on his face. And then he proves me right by deceiving the umpires into thinking pitches are inside, and pumping his fist after reaching base on an error against the Devil Rays as if to say, "I'm on base because I earned it!"

I was glad when John Henry ripped George, I love it when anyone stands up to that team, instead of bowing at their feet, and saying how great an owner Steinbrenner is. Gimme a break, he's a convicted felon, and if he "always did what it takes to win," then they'd still have Andy Pettitte.

And maybe when you said what you did, you just meant that you want Sox fans to concentrate on our own team, and have the attitude of yankee fans which is to say "What Rivalry?"

But if you look closely, you can see how when they lose to us, it really does get under the skin of their fans. Like all of a sudden, after last year's World Series loss, it was, "At least we beat Bawston!" And after the 6 out of 7 we've beaten them so far this season, I swear, the yankee fans at work have hardly ever worn their yankee gear, and haven't brought up baseball much at all. (Except to say things like "I think this is Boston's year," and "I'd kinda like to see the Red Sox win for a change.")

When they're ignoring us, it doesn't mean they're being good fans, it just means they're arrogant, like, "Why would I care about those LOSERS?" But they're the ones who started "Boston Sucks." I think that "real" yankee fans hate the Red Sox. (And the fake ones--90% of all yankee fans--care more about the Mets, and don't pay attention until October anyway.)

Well, my thoughts are getting more and more scattered, so I'm gonna finally shut up. I hope you understand where I'm coming from, and you say you're a third generation-er, and I read your site almost daily, so I know you know all about this rivalry.

I'll close with the following summary, which I realize creates a risk that I never hear from you again. But I want you to know I'm just being honest and I'm not trying to start a fight, because I don't believe in Red on Red crime. I hope that when the Red Sox win the World Series, we can share a friendly embrace on Yawkey Way. Also, If you do reply, let me know if it's okay that I post it on my blog, as I'm sure my seven fans are dying to read your thoughts on all of this...

I just think rooting against the enemy, who also happens to be the team we've been just behind for the last few years, and rooting for and loving your team, makes one a "real fan." Whereas it seems like you think that ripping all your team's beloved stars for things as trivial as their choice of hairstyle makes one a "real fan." I'd sooner leave that to the Boston media. Oh wait, I guess that's you now. We'll have to agree to disagree.



So, let me guess, jere, he never wrote back? That Steve Silva's an arrogant piece of trash. So how long did it take you to find my comment? I tried to put it back in April or something... the one about the damn y*nkee ad problem. Ever hear back from them? So now I know why people find your blog if they search for Hitler... nice job, there, ace.

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