Monday, June 07, 2004

The Luck Is Already Going Back The Other Way

I'm going to Fenway on Wednesday. On top of my 10-game plan, I got tix to two other games. One of them being Wednesday. I could've chosen Tuesday (or Thursday), but I figured, break up the week, go for Wednesday. Had I chosen Tuesday, I'd get to see Pedro pitch, I'd get to see fatboy Wells pitch and boo the crap out out of him, and I'd possibly get to see Nomar's return. Oh well. Gimme a win and I'll be happy.

Listened to my boy Kay today, as he decided to show up for his radio show. He was trying to say that certain athletes should be considered "champions" whether or not they actually played on a championship team. His example was, "you can't tell me Don Mattingly's not a champion." I'm telling you, Michael, he's not. Sorry. Since when do yankee fans allow people that never won a championship to be called champions? Oh wait, 2001, when "both teams won" the World Series. Man, I keep forgetting who I'm dealing with here.

He also was saying, "You can't tell me Karl Malone's not a champion, just because Jordan pushed off and made the final shot against the Jazz." Uhhh...

The point is, I would've loved to call in at that moment, and said, "So, Michael, Pedro Martinez is definitely a champion, right? If Aaron Boone doesn't hit a bad knuckleball out, the Sox would've definitely won. You can't tell me he's not a champion!" And the whole '86 team for that matter, "Come on Kay, if Calvin Schiraldi could've just gotten one more strike, it would've been over, therefore, Dave Stapleton and Al Nipper are definitely champions." I think his whole deal was that he was confusing "champion" with "superstar."

Just another one of Kay's mental problems. He's so damn stubborn that if he says something, even if he clearly hasn't thought the whole thing through, he'll stick to that opinion, no matter what. He could never admit to being wrong.


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