Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Fenway Park, Sat., June 12th

The Red Sox have taken 2 out of 3 in their last two series', and I was there for the loss in each series. But it's always fun to go to Fenway. Here's some highlights from Saturday's experience versus the LA Dodgers.

Saw Vin Scully for the first time in my life. He and Joe Castiglione and Manny were hanging aroumd the cage during BP. I love going to Fenway right when gates open. Castiglione is a fixture down by that dugout. It's always good to see the face behind voice that I've listened to for over twenty years now.

Another guy walking around on the field pre-game was that guy that sits right behind home plate for every game at Fenway. Who the hell is that guy?? Should I know? Someone please tell me. He was walking some kids around, shaking hands with Terry Stankonia and some players, while carrying a briefcase. You know who I'm talkin' about? Watch the Red Sox next home game, (if you're lucky enough to live in a part of New England that's actually considered New England by MLB) and look behind the plate, a little to the right, I think. Middle aged-white dude. Moving on...

The Dugout Wizard himself, Tommy Lasorda, threw out the first pitch.

The game looked good for a while, especially when we had Weaver in trouble, and we were all chanting "Weea-verrr." I hate that friggin' guy. I'm so glad the fans didn't forget who he was.

Unfrotunately, the team couldn't capitalize and before we knew it, it was 14-5 Dodgers. There were lots of Dodger fans there. This one couple in the RF grandstand, which we have a view of from just across the gap in the bleachers, had a "Go Dodgers" sign. It always makes you a little mad to see fans of the other team in your home park, but then, you gotta think of it from the other side. I've been to a lot of stadiums to watch the Sox, so I should know how it feels. So I just thought, good for them, I give 'em credit for supporting their team. Until....

The guy decided he was gonna hold up his sign facing AWAY from the field and toward the fans. Terrible job, guy. The stuff thrown at him was well-deserved at that point. F the Dodgers.

Sadly, the best part of the game, topping Manny's deep blast over the Monster, was the fact that we got to see David McCarty pitch the ninth. He retired the side in order, and we gave him a standing O.

The cool thing about a blowout is, you get to move to good seats toward the end of the game. I like seeing the different sections of Fenway and comparing them.

We started in the bleachers, with all the college-age types and twenty-somethings. It was a hot, crazy, wave-startin', beach ball-batting bonanza as usual. Then in the ninth, we were up behind home plate, with the more "adult" types, some of whom had towels wrapped around themselves, as they'd been in the shade the whole game, while we were getting sunburned.

That's a whole other post, though, if I wanted to go through every single section of the park. So, uh, watch for that.

One final note: Interleague play is dumb. There's no reason two leagues should be playing each other when they don't play by the same rules. It's all done for New York's sake, and even they think it's too much at this point.


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