Thursday, June 17, 2004

Enthusiasm Curbing

Man, is this team frustrating. The only thing that got me through the morning today was thinking about the good things in my life-my new band is about to play it's first show, I'm writing a lot, etc... but c'mon, that real life stuff only takes you so far before you start thinking about BASES LOADED NOBODY OUT...ughhh.

Last night, I listened to the mega-static-y game for a while. Turned it off when the Rockies went up 5-3, then saw on the ESPN ticker it was 7-3. So to sheer myself up, I watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes. I just bought the DVD of the second season. I think it's the funniest show on TV. Anyway, I put on the radio one more time, and heard Castiglione and Trup' talking about how dreadful the team was playing. I didn't even wait for the score. I turned it off and went to bed. It was kind of late by then anyway. Today I find out we had the tying run on in the ninth. But still lost. So I made either the right or wrong decision, depending on how you look at it.

But fortunately today we finally took advantage of that mountain air (Ortiz better make the All-Star team), and Lowe seems to be back to the good version of himself. So despite that 1-2 series, I'm STILL staying positive. But, man, I sure was on the brink of baseball suicide this morning.

And I noticed something weird. When the Red Sox lose, the yankees win.

Every day that the Sox have lost this season, except for THREE times, the yankees have not lost (i.e. won or not played). Now obviously that means that when we win, they lose, except for however many games, when added to that first stat, puts us five back of them. But it's just frustrating, that when we lose, I think, Well at least there's a chance the yanks will lose, too, and the magic number will still drop by one, and we'll hold our ground. But they always win! I may be wrong on this, feel free to double check, but based on my magic number calendar I keep at work, it's only gone down 3 times on days we've had an "L."

ESPN Classic was showing the half-hour highlight shows of the College World Series. I caught the '94 version, with Nomar and Tek in the Championship game vs. Oklahoma. They both homered in the game, and Tek got into a huge fight with the ump after a bad call on a play at the plate. Tek also made the last out(it was like 13-4), which I never knew, all the more reason to get those guys a (real) championship. I remember rooting for GTech that year, not that I follow college baseball that much, but just because I went to school at the University of Nebraska (including that year). I did get to see Erstad play, and I got a home run ball, which may or may not have been hit by him, but let's just say it was. (If you've ever seen the highlight of the homerun to left field that breaks the window of a car driving by, that's the Nebraska baseball field where I got the ball--a little to the left of where that car was--also, I'm talking Lincoln, not Omaha's Rosenblatt Stadium, where the College World Series is played.)

So now that you know a lot of useless stuff, here's more: The magic number is 104, but we better get on a roll or the tragic number count might have to start...


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