Wednesday, May 12, 2004

A Travesty Of Errors

Last night in the yankees-Angels game, A-Rod reached on an error by the third baseman, allowing the go-ahead (at the time) run to score. I had it on the radio as my computer is in a different room than the tv. John Sterling treated it as if A-Rod had done something great, getting all excited about the play as if it were a home run. And then, slyly, he says, "It's an unearned run, but they all count the same, heh heh." Disgusting. But it gets worse.

Charley Steiner then sums up the play by describing A-Rod as a five-tool player, and in that case, his fifth tool was speed in beating out the play.

Okay, stop right there. He didn't beat out an infield hit. He REACHED ON AN ERROR. There is no point in complimenting A-Rod in that situation. He came up in a key spot, and hit a routine grounder to third. That's all he did. If you want to compliment A-Rod, you'll just have to wait until he does something good. Just say, "The yanks got lucky there," move on, and shut the hell up about A-Rod.

But it gets worse still.

Today on Michael Kay's radio show, Kay is recapping the game, and says something about how Jeter and A-Rod had key hits. Could he be talking about the error play? Nah, he wouldn't call that a hit... But he was talking about the error. He says Jeter got a hit, and then A-Rod beat out a throw on an error, referring to what he just called a hit. And he emphasized "beat out" so we'd know how important it was. The point is, the guy bobbled the ball, it was an error, and that's all it was.

In the ninth, Mariano came in the game, and after getting a hometown called strike three that you won't hear about in the papers, a rookie came up who hadn't had a major league hit yet. After strike one, Kay says, "they don't pitch like Mariano Rivera in double-A." Ohhhh man, at that point I knew this guy was getting a hit. And when, of course, he did, Kay says how he must be so thrilled to get his first hit off of one of the greatest relievers ever. Then Ken Singleton imitates the guy saying, "I got my first hit off the great Mariano Rivera." Shut up!!!! Yeah, you know what, this just in, the guy has RETIRED, saying, "I got my hit off a great yankee, my lifelong dream has been fulfilled."

Gimme a break. Then the next batter homered and Mariano blew the save. Unfortunately, the yanks won in extras, leaving the magic number at 130 thru 5/11.

I'm off to Fenway now for my 1,000,000th time seeing Wakefield start.


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