Thursday, May 06, 2004

A Red Sox Bar In Pinstripe Territory

I read someone's post on about Red Sox bars in NYC a while back. So I jotted down the name of one. Tonight, after seeing a show down in the city, Lys and I hit up the Riviera Cafe on W. 4th Street in the Village.

It was so cool, the Sox were on several televisions, and there were a bunch of other Sox fans there. And I got a mozzarella sandwich which was really good. Expensive, but I figure I got to see the end of the game for free. To watch it in my house, I'd have to pay. So it worked out. I can't wait to go down there for Sox-yanks.

In other news, the magic number went down, for the first time since the 70's it seems, to 136 tonight, thanks to the Sox win. But the yanks won, because they're playing the A's, who have gone from playoff team to--how can I describe them? Uh, toddler T-ball team. No, the toddlers could beat 'em. They could easily manage a few runs off that Rincon guy. Or tonight's "hero," Arthur Rhodes. Jesus GD Christ those guys are pathetic.

The good thing about this yankee winning crap is the following: They're not winning in the way you need to win to go all the way. They're making bonehead plays, one after the other, but they keep coming out on top somehow. It won't last, and we know we can beat them. And in a playoff series, anyone with decent pitching WILL beat them. Even their untried and yet to be proven true "Quantrill & Gordon" method--it may seem to be working, but I don't think they had this in mind--to have to come back from a huge deficit that their starter gave up, then when they finally get like a 10-9 lead, bring in "the duo" before going to Mariano (who almost blew it tonight). They won't survive like that.

Not even with the umpires wearing yankee hats, as they always have, and as they've proven this year already.

The more I watch the yanks, the more I say: How can anyone root for this team? Tonight they showed a replay of A-Rod and Enrique Wilson in the dugout screaming, practically crying about a called strike two to Giambi (who also complained, as all yankees do on any called strike), when there's really no way you could tell from the dugout. Screw those pieces of turd, all of 'em. They will not win. No more championships this millenium! That's the goal.


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