Sunday, May 09, 2004

Pig & A Poke

Possibly my favorite play in baseball is a ball hit down the right field line at Fenway Park that rolls around the corner, like a hockey puck curving along the boards, as a helpless visiting outfielder chases after it. Today that happened, and Pokey got a home run the hard way. Which I guess is the easy way for him. But then he got one the other way anyway.

Pokey rules. And speaking of dudes "with the tilted brim," Snoop Dogg was pretty funny on SNL tonight. The good thing about the yankees winning in Seattle was that once it was 6-0, I got to just watch SNL without switching back to the game any more. So anyway, in this one sketch, Snoop is hanging out at a party, and he's all depressed. When asked why, he says it's because the show "Friends" is off the air. He proceeds to go into a long soliloquy about his passion for the sitcom. "What I am supposed to do now?" etc. He actually acted it really good. My favorite line was when his friend tells him he can just watch the reruns, and Snoop snaps back, "I'll smack you in the mouth--talkin' 'bout reruns..." He also told white America to cool it on the "izzle," and how it was a gift from him, but it's time to chill for a while. He mentioned how whiteys used to be so big on Pig Latin, so maybe they could go back to that to change things up a little. "Ee-way ool-Cay?"

The agic-May umber-Nay thru 5/8 is 131.


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