Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The ME-dia

I'm gonna sum up my view on the media, in case you are new to this blog.

I guess there really are people in the world who believe anything they read. But I would think that members of the media could never be in this category, but they are. I mean, why wouldn't you use the oppurtunity you have to say what you think? Some people in the media make it so obvious that they are simply repeating what someone else said or wrote. A good example is the way your average media schmoes, who haven't made a name for themselves, say that Pedro Martinez' career is over. These people don't watch Pedro pitch. They just say what everyone else is saying. Pedro's one of the best pitchers in baseball, why won't one person in the New York media come out and say, "I think he might have a good year this year."

It's a very timid way to live, if you ask me. Whether you're just following the party line, or pretending you came up with an opinion that someone else really did, you're not doing your job. (Another example is the Quantrill/Gordon thing...sift through this blog to learn more, I really can't get into it now, it's late.) When I started this blog, I didn't say, Woohoo, I get to read what other people are saying and then say the same thing!

On the contrary. When Ed from Bambino's Curse starts kowtowing to George Steinbrenner, coincidentally (?) right when he starts working for Fox again, I (sorry, I have to interrupt myself, yankee announcer Charley Steiner just said, "The Amazing Mr. Quantrill"). Anyway, Ed said the usual crap about George being a great owner who ALWAYS spends his money for his team. Remember, when---(sorry, again, Steiner: "Paul Quantrill: Mr. Automatic." He's saying it all nonchalantly. The yankees are going down. Have I mentioned how nauseating this team and everything about them is?) Oh, so when yankee fans tell you that George always does what it takes to win, answer them with two words: Andy Pettitte. (see my April 13th post)

Oh and when they say how he's "not evil, just because he's passionate about the game," feel free to mention to them how he made illegal campaign contributions to Richard Nixon and was convicted. And paying off Howie Spira to get dirt on Dave Winfield. (In both cases he was suspended from baseball.) And then have them write a letter to ten random employees of Mr. Steinbrenner and ask them how they're treated. They might get one positive response back if they're lucky.

But it's obviously not just yankee fans who say this nonsense, as Ed has proved. I think the problem might be that we all hear a lot of players saying good things about George. But these guys are the same people who, when asked about their hated rival, will say, "I have all the respect in the world for those guys. They're the best team I've ever played against. They deserve to be in first place." You know when the reporters leave, that same player goes, "God I hate those guys! We're gonna kick their asses!" The reason they don't say that stuff in public is so they don't make the opponent mad, hence giving them a competetive edge.

But the media and (especially) the fans, i.e. bloggers, message board members, basically anyone who's not actually playing, can say whatever they want! That's right, we have the option of telling the truth! All the time! So there's no need for some blogger from Dubuque to say, "I have all the respect in the world for (insert local face of evil here)." Just say what you really think! You can't get fired... Unless you work for Fox, I guess.

So as the media slowly becomes the ME-dia,(see my April 7th post) the further down the totem pole the lies go. So if you're just a fan, remember, keep searching for the truth, and say it as loud as you can. And if you should get a chance to move up the ladder, don't let that truth fall out of your pocket, because once you get back to the bottom to get it, you're probably stayin' there.


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