Friday, May 07, 2004

Magic Number Thru 5/6: 134

The first two nights of the yanks-Oakland series, I stayed up watching until 1 am-ish, only to be disappointed both times, and very tired in the mornings that followed. Last night, I opted for sleep, and went to bed with the score tied at 4. The plan worked. The A's got the W, I'm well-rested, and the Sox are back in sole possession of first. The MAGIC NUMBER is now a measly 134.

In Michael F'n Kay news, today he was talking on his radio show about how he doesn't care about advertisements on the bases. And he was livid that so many people cared about it so much. Then he said, "I just hate people sometimes." Then he went on to agree with me about the fact that he needs to be observed by psychiatrists 24 hours a day. Only his reasoning was that since he's "so different" from "everybody else," (when it comes to opinions on the Spider-Man ads) he must not be human.

It was very weird how he was SO mad that people cared about this issue. He's saying, "go cure cancer, don't spend time on this, it's a business," etc. A caller filled him in on the whole "give 'em an inch, they'll take a yard" theory, but I just don't think Kay got it.

Then of course, there's the issue of the "Ricoh yankees" trying to take the classy road and saying they won't have the ads on their bases during the games. I think the quote from the yanks was, "We feel that these ads will deface an important part of the hallowed field that is Adidas--er, yankee Stadium."

I thought it was cool how Ralph Nader got involved, saying the fans should revolt. I guess we successfully revolted, because the project has been called off. Awesome.


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