Tuesday, May 25, 2004


The reason the whole Michael Kay thing bothers me so much is that he is the source of baseball news for much of the New York area. Between announcing the games on Hell, No (Yes Network), except for west coast games, because, c'mon, he's so old, he can't be expected to make it to EVERY game, jeez. Anyway, between that and his radio show, his opinions represent a significant chunk of NY media. So when he tells lies about the Red Sox and their fans, of which I am one, it really bothers me, especially because I live around mostly yankee fans.

The biggest lie that he always likes to tell is that Red Sox fans don't cheer when their team is losing. And that unlike yankee fans, we just wait for something bad to happen, and sit quietly.

I was at Fenway Park a few weeks ago, for a game against Cleveland. The Red Sox trailed from the second inning on, losing 6-4. Here's a quote from Sox catcher Doug Mirabelli: "It just never seemed like we got a whole lot going today. I mean, we had some back-to-back hits here and there, but nothing like we've seen in the past."

Okay, so according to Michael Kay, I went home around the third inning, took some horse tranquilizer, and started looking forward to next season.

But what really happened was that this Wednesday night crowd was totally crazy, especially in the ninth, when all yankee fans would've been asleep in their Westport mansions (on the sidewalk outside the Stadium). I feel like the crowd 35,000-handedly got the team to rally, putting the tying run at the plate. But I kept telling myself, this isn't really happening, I'm really sitting on my hands silently right now, that's what Kay says is the truth...

And the crowd seems to be like this at Fenway every time I go. I'm not saying there are never quiet moments at Fenway, but Kay is just lyin' through his teeth. I've been to games against the yanks, that HE'S AT, TOO, where the crowd is raucous. He's just decided to lie on this issue. And that is, as every other caller on sports radio says, is the bottom line.


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