Monday, May 17, 2004

I Wish I Hadn't Noticed This...

At work I have my Red Sox schedule up on my cubicle wall. Every day I write in a "W" or "L," and some other secret codes to show who started each game, and what the magic number is after each game. I wanted to have a way to be able to add up the total wins and losses at any given moment. You know, in case someone calls me at work and asks me the Red Sox' record.

So in the space to the right of each week, I write the team's record for that week, so I can just add the columns up to get the total record.

Here's the disturbing trend I've noticed thanks to this unorthodox weekly record-keeping:

There have been six weeks completed this season so far (plus one game this week). Including this week's 0-1 record so far, the Red Sox weekly record has gotten worse every week for the last five weeks. Doesn't seem possible, does it? But it's true:

Week 1: 3-3/.500
Week 2: 3-1/.750
Week 3: 5-2/.714
Week 4: 4-2/.666
Week 5: 4-3/.571
Week 6: 3-4/.429
Week 7: 0-1/.000

Weird. I feel like Susan Reynolds. I totally feel good about the team, though. I'm just sayin', it's kinda odd. The streak ends this week, though.

So I went to the store for some chips and sal--what? Oh, Susan Reynolds?...You don't know her? Really? Well, maybe you'll know soon, we'll see. Let's just say she knows more than you about baseball statistics of the ridiculous kind. Probably.


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