Monday, May 24, 2004

Hat Logic

Like I said before, Lys & I saw the band Magnetic Fields at Town Hall in NYC this weekend. One of the two singers came on stage wearing a yankee hat. I was kinda wondering if he did it to win points with the New York crowd (he is from Yonkers, though). He threw the hat off after a couple of songs. I didn't know if that meant anything, but I was probably the only person in the crowd thinking about this. Although one guy yelled out "Nice hat" when the initial applause died down, but I couldn't tell if that was sarcastic.

I've also said this before, but I think musicians, or really anyone, wearing yankee hats are less likely to actually care about the yankees than people wearing Sox hats. I think Steinbrenner can be blamed for this. The guy has probably alienated as many former true fans as he's gained front-running fans for his team. So when the team stops winning, (which it already has) what will he have left?

So a friend of mine saw the same band the next night in Boston. When I saw her today, I asked if the singer guy wore a yankee hat. She said he wasn't wearing a hat. Good move, buddy. However, she did say that it was nearly impossible to find parking because of the Sox game that night. I should have warned her...

At our show, we were psyched because we were in the same place as the concert in the movie A Mighty Wind. When we got home, we put the DVD on, only to find out that the concert in the movie was clearly filmed somewhere else. Oh well.


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