Saturday, May 08, 2004

Everything's Comin' Up Milhouse

A key comeback win followed by a key yankee loss. Nice. I hope the wins and warm weather stick around, as I'm going to some games next week.

The yanks continue to show signs of early 90s-ish yankee play. Tonight: Sierra passes Matsui on the basepaths. The other night: a botched rundown that would've allowed two runs to score but the ump made a bad call on the second run.

Also tonight: Seattle fans boo A-Rod on every pitch, like we did a few weeks ago. And: "yankees suck" chants very noticeable in Oakland, Seattle, and a few weeks back in Chicago. After looking at the schedule, those cities plus Boston and Tampa Bay are the only ones the yanks have been to this year. I didn't hear it in Tampa Bay, but there were plenty in Boston, of course, AND in New York when the Sox were there. So besides Tampa, the yankees have been shown hate in every city they've played in so far this year. Keep it up, non-yankee fans.

The Numbert Magique is down to 132.


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