Friday, May 28, 2004

CT Underbelly

Thursday at 11 am the Red Sox came to New Haven, CT. Larry Lucchino and Joe Casiglione spoke on the green. I couldn't go because, uh, I have a job. But my parents went, and my mom told Larry about how the Red Sox aren't on in Fairfield County (my county). She said Larry and Comcast and NESN seem to be working on the situation. So I may be getting closer to seeing my team on TV.

On the New Haven (Channel 8) News, the title of their story about this was "Red Sox Invasion." Terrible. It's not like New Haven is in New York, it's in New England for Christ's sake. Then they had an interview with a yankee fan who said for every Red Sox fan in the area, there are 25 yankee fans. Bullcrap.

After last night's 13 run loss and 13 run yankee win, the magic number is still 116.


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