Sunday, May 02, 2004

The BS Of Zim

Don Zimmer has a new book coming out called The Zen of Zim. It's good to hear him talk about Steinbrenner and what an arse he is. But of course, he spews a lot of BS about Pedro and the "throwdown."

He says "everyone" knows Pedro was throwing at Garcia on purpose. And since he felt Pedro started everything, and says Pedro was pointing at his head because he wanted to hit Posada in the head--which is incorrect--he saw an oppurtunity and tried to take a swing at Pedro.

Then he goes on to say that Clemens was NOT throwing that bat at Mike Piazza on purpose. Whatever. More yankee bull crap.

He's just senile at this point.

In today's yankee game, there were entire sections that were empty in the upper deck. Now the other night, you could try and use the weekday night in April excuse, but today was a Sunday in May. Francessa was bragging so much about how they'll get almost 4 million fans this year. It ain't gonna happen this way.


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