Friday, April 16, 2004

A Very BS-y Day In The NY Media

Today, I took two 10-minute breaks at work and listened to some Red Sox-yankees hype on my car radio. In that very short time, I picked up a lot of BS for you to now read about.

Heard about 15 seconds of Michael Kay's show, which as you can guess, I tend to avoid. On it, I heard the tail end of some song about the day the Red Sox win the World Series. (the rhyme I heard was something about, "they were all the more dreary, the day the Red Sox won the World Series." Then Kay came on and said, "I've ALWAYS said this, when they win, these people won't know what to do with themselves. The agony is the enjoyment" His producer then said, "That's why they love Bucky Dent so much." (?) (Note how Kay tries to make it sound like this idea that it will be BAD for the Sox to win the Series for Sox fans--shared by everyone who knows nothing about baseball--was his originally.) Well, Michael, thanks to you and all the other yankees fans, we'll know what NOT to do....

On Mike & The Mad Dog, they were talking to Mike Barnicle. Mad Dog, who of course is anti-yankee, asked a question that would've been great five years ago. "What do you do with Fenway Park? You could replace it, but it's got the history...Then again, it's got the small runways, you can't move around...." Maybe he should've taken a walk around the park, condsidering their show was airing live FROM Fenway. I'm not sayin' all of Fenway's problems have been solved, but c'mon Mad Dog, look around before you ask the same old question you ask year after year.

Here's the one that makes me really mad, though. Remember how I talked about Jon Miller saying Johnny Damon looked slower because of his long hair? And then Hench on Dirt Dogs just HAPPENED to say the exact same thing? Well on Dan Patrick's show today, two more people jumped on board with that same opinion. Dan said, "I think he's slower with that hair." The other guy, I don't know his name, said, "Yeah, he's less wind resistant." I don't know what makes me angrier, hearing someone give an opinion that's actually someone else's, or hearing someone make a ridiculous statement that makes no sense. And when they're at the same time, uggggh. I mean if you're gonna buy into this joke of a theory, at least admit that someone else thought of it, and that you happen to agree with it. If anything, Johnny might look slower because he doesn't work out in the off season. Either way, I don't think any of these people could seriously notice a difference so early in the season. And then they all go and blame his hair. Gimme a break.

Now I'm gonna go watch Vasquez wither under the Fenway pressure.

Get ready for "A-HOOOLE, A-HOOOLE!" everybody. It's proverbially on.


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