Monday, April 19, 2004

Red Sox' Day

The old adage (in my family, anyway), "yankee fans don't pay attention until October," was proven true today. The company that shares a building with the one I work for seems to be run by yankee fans. For opening day, and daytime playoff games, they'll often have the game on the radio. I can hear it as I walk by their always open door. Today, every time I walked by--which was a lot, since I kept going out to my car for score updates--those guys were playing their usual classic rock. They had no idea the game was going on. Stupid casual yankee fans. (Proving again they're the least knowledgeable fans in sports.) Also, one time as I walked by I heard one of the yankee fans saying they were going to see Carrot Top. Man, what an awesome week it must be for him. First getting blitzed at Fenway, and then having to sit through Carrot Top live!!!

At one point, I had just heard the end of an inning late in the game, and on my way back inside my building, I passed this guy I work with, who every once in a while wears this really, uh, bombastic yankees World Champions shirt, with like a huge ring and spaceships flying around the yankee logo or something like that. Anyway, he's just SITTING there. He could've easily sat by his car with the radio on, but he's just sitting, completely clueless. He's a pod person, I swear. It makes me so mad. If Red Sox-yanks doesn't move you, you have no right to wear stupid-ass shirts like that. Every time he wears it, I wanna go right up to him and say, "What was the yankee score last night?" He would never know the answer.

Even though I was there for Schilling's win on Saturday, I was jealous of anyone who was there today. It seemed pretty raucous in that ninth inning. As well as after the A-Rod throw to center field. Oh, A-Rod, so glad to see you suffering...


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