Friday, April 09, 2004

The other day I was whining about how the "real" media is obviously checking the web sites made "by the people." And how I thought it wasn't fair that Dirt Dogs is therefore speaking for all of us Sox fans, because it's a very popular site. Well sure enough, today I read on Bambino's Curse that Peter Gammons checks out Dirt Dogs and the SoSH message board to see what fans are thinking. So there you go. Gammons could've said, I do a thorough search of the web to see what fans are thinking, but no. At least he threw SoSH in there, so he actually does see a lot of DIFFERENT opinions, but he didn't say RedSoxNation, which is my board of choice, and has an arcade. (Check out my high score at Snake. Heh heh.) Ed of Bambino's Curse also was pretty peeved that Gammons didn't mention HIS site. So Ed, don't worry, the REAL people are going to your site.

(I wonder if Gammons had went to THIS site, what he would've thought of me calling him Peter "God, I love the yankees" Gammons.)


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